1st Marking Period

     (1-1) Reflect on the 9/11 anniversary

    (1-2) "All about me"

    (1-3) Tell me all about the process that you use to write.

    (1-4) Free Choice

    (1-5) What are your goals for seventh grade?

    (1-6) As soon as the spaceship landed...

    (1-7) Octopus picture story

    (1-8) What would you do if you witnessed someone being bullied?  How would your reaction differ if the person was your friend?

    (1-9) What are your plans for the long weekend?

    (1-10) What have you learned from studying the six traits that you can use in your own writing?

    (1-11) You are leading an expedition team across Antarctica.  What supplies to you need for your trip?

    (1-12) What is the best and worst part about being your age?

    (1-13) What lesson or message did you learn from the assembly? 

    (1-14) Write a tall tale about how zebras came to have stripes.

    (1-15) Why do you think grown ups have so many rules?

    (1-16) How do you handle adversity?

    (1-17) Free choice.

    (1-18) Write a story using as many nouns as possible.

    (1-19) Describe Halloween from a jack-o-lantern's point of view.

    (1-20) Walking home late one night...