• 2022 Baseball Tryout Information

    ALL players MUST have paperwork filed with the school nurse BEFORE being permitted to tryout!! This permission form is due by Feb. 19th. DO NOT DELAY!! If your physical is current you only need the history update form.  Forms are available here: https://www.voorhees.k12.nj.us/Page/57220 

     Tryout dates TBD:


    **Tryouts will end by 4:10 for anyone who needs to get on the late 4:15 bus.


     ***Any schedule conflicts should be brought to the attention of the coach, and he will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate the player.

    Equipment information: Players should change in the locker room as quickly as possible and report to the gym by 3:00.  All players should bring glove and clothing/shoes for both indoor and outdoor drills. Bats, helmets, and other equipment are optional. Catchers should NOT bring full gear to the first session. Coach will provide information for future sessions.
    Other General information: The tryout schedule is subject to change. Weather is always a variable we cannot control. We will conduct tryouts regardless of weather or field conditions.  Indoor drills will be utilized. Voorhees Middle School fields one baseball team. The roster size is approximately 14 players. The exact number is left up to the coaches' discretion in order to best fill that year's team's needs. We do not take more players than we can reasonably play on a regular basis. Each player will be assigned a tryout number.  Any posting of cuts will be done using numbers and not names. Further information regarding the procedure for cutting candidates will be distributed at the first tryout session. 
    All interested players are encouraged to tryout regardless of age or grade level.  Even though there are a limited number of roster spots, and it may be difficult to make the team, we believe there is never failure in giving your best effort and trying to attain your goals.  The coaches very much respect and appreciate ALL players who tryout for the team.