• The Creative Curriculum Overview

    Preschool utilizes the research-based curriculum: The Creative Curriculum.  The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and provides learning experiences for all content areas and all developmental domains. This high-quality programming is based on comprehensive early learning standards that address the whole child. Each day, children will follow a schedule that consists of a morning meeting, small group instruction in literacy and math, choice time for intentional play experiences, large group time, gross motor time, snack, lunch, rest, shared reading and shared writing. 


    In The Creative Curriculum, students learn through studies. Studies are hands-on, project-based investigations of topics that are relevant to children’s everyday experiences. Studies are exciting and engaging because they tap into children’s natural curiosity, resulting in a learning environment that is both fun and intentional. The study approach is a method of integrating content learning through children’s in-depth investigations. Children raise questions about the topic, and through exploration and discovery, they find answers to their questions. This allows for deep, firsthand exploration of topics offering myriad ways to learn about each topic. Plus, the study approach encourages children to develop skills across all domains as they apply the investigative process. 

    Objectives for Development and Learning

    The Creative Curriculum teaches and assesses 38 research-based objectives. These objectives for development and learning are at the heart of the curriculum and define the path teachers take with children in their classroom. These objectives cover 10 different areas of development and learning within broad developmental areas, content areas, and English language acquisition. Using these objectives, teachers effectively scaffold learning experiences to respond to each child’s individual current strengths and needs.

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