• Guidance Counseling

    Elementary Schools
    The Elementary School Guidance Counselors provide elementary students with support in the following areas: academic development, social-emotional awareness, career exploration, and health and wellness. The counselors teach lessons and coordinate school programs that address diversity and understanding, study skills, self-awareness, and healthy choices.
    The role of the Elementary Guidance Counselor is to build a positive relationship with each student based upon trust, confidentiality, and mutual respect. Students will meet with their counselors to review academic progress, engage in goal setting, and discuss any issues that they may encounter in elementary school.

    Listed below is the contact information for our elementary counselors: 

    • Osage School: Maura Abate 856.428.2990 Ext. 4172

    • Kresson School: Maureen Boyle 856.424.1816 Ext. 2128

    • E.T.Hamilton School:  Derek Myers 856.767.4888 Ex. 3124

    • Signal Hill School:  Amanda Dariano  856.767.6749 Ext. 1141