• Voorhees Property Usage
    Buildings & Theater

    CER is responsible for assigning permits to all groups, individuals or institutions that use any property owned by the Voorhees Board of Education.  This includes all five schools and the theater. 

    Interested parties can apply for permits for all facilities at the CER office at Voorhees Middle School or on our website: voorheescer.com

    The Director of Buildings and Grounds is responsible to managing, maintaining and scheduling the use of all fields owned by the Board of Education. To schedule use of a playing filed, call Clark Mathes at 856-751-8446 Ext. 6123.

    Special Events
    CER assists with and sponsors special events throughout the year for the benefit of the community

    For Information Call 856-795-2025 Ext. 5232 or visit the CER Web Site: voorheescer.com