Degrees and Certifications:

Supply List

*I do have a limited amount of supplies in the classroom already, so if you need me to supply your child, I happily will!*

Pencils (Ticongeroga pencils are the best!)
Pencil Erasers
SOFT pencil pouch (no hard boxes...they do not fit in desks. All pencils/markers/etc should be put in the pouch to come to school)
Glue Sticks
1 box of Markers

1 Five Subject Notebook (Subject labels in order: Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies/Science, Extra)

Plastic labeled folders that cannot rip. Please label with child's name and subject:

1 Red (Math)

 1 Yellow (Take Home)

 1 Blue (Writing)

1 Green (Social Studies/Science)

  1 Purple (Reading)

Classroom Donations that are ALWAYS appreciated:

Cleaning wipes & tissues
Lysol Spray
Hand Sanitizer