MS. McKernan BSIP


  • Hello Parents, 

    As we negotiate this trying event, my wish for you and your family is both health and peace.  I have provided your children with material to supplement the learning in their homeroom class.  As they work through this process, keep in mind that they may feel overwhelmed.  Please prioritize work from the classroom teacher first and supplement with, when needed, the work that I have provided. In other words, do what you can of the work assigned from me.  There are also many student friendly activities provided on the other pages of this website.  Pay attention to the Blend Space Pages as I will continously update them and provide more and more topics.   At first, focus on Sight Word aquisition and Math Fact First Grade Blend Spaces.  Look to move to other Blend Space when those are mastered.  Agian these are all accessable through this website.  Wishing you all well.


    Ms. McKernan