• Mrs. Bradley      Basic Skills Improvement Program

      Welcome to Room 168 at Osage Elementary School. Our class is a 4th and 5th grade level room where the students and their learning is the main focus. On this website you will have access to suggestions to help your child succeed, website links for parent use, and links for students to use. Homework in BSIP is to read at their independent level for at least 30 minutes per day. Writing should also be encouraged often. Math facts can always be reinforced. Real life learning experiences are available on a daily basis--- take advantage of them for the benefit of your child!

       The Voorhees Township Public Schools offers participation in BSIP for all students who do not meet minimum proficiency levels in communication and computation as designated by New Jersey State testing. Children will be enrolled based on performance on standardized tests or by teacher recommendations substantiated by classroom performance. A student may exit the program using the same standards at any time during the year.

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