• Water Testing Program in Our Schools


    In July of 2016, the New Jersey Board of Education adopted mandatory regulations regarding testing for lead content in drinking water in all public schools throughout the state. All school districts were subsequently provided with very specific instructions on development of a plumbing profile and Lead Sampling Plan during state-wide training sessions and must test for lead content at least once every six years.


    Initial tests were to be conducted within one year of the law’s passage. Ordered by Gov. Chris Christie, the new rules stipulate precise measures to be used in testing faucets and fountains within New Jersey’s schools. The requirements set by the state apply to drinking water and supplies used for cooking.


    In Voorhees we did not wait for the regulation to be enacted in order to determine if our water supply met the EPA requirement for lead.  We first tested seventy (70) water fountains in March 2016 and all were found to be well within the EPA standards.  The new regulations were adopted in July 2016. In April 2017, in accordance with measures stipulated by the State, we completed testing on every drinking water outlet in the District, which included water fountains, bubblers, food preparation sinks, medical office sinks, teacher breakroom sinks and ice machines.


    Additional information on Testing for Lead Content in Drinking Water may be found on the EPA website.