sesame and me
  •  Reading should NEVER make you grouchy!   5 finger rule


    Use the 5 Finger Rule (above) to be sure you choose a just right book for you. 

    Don't worry if friends read faster than you, or if they carry around a book that is as thick as a dictionary.  What matters most is that you understand what you read and your purpose for reading has been fulfilled.  Reading is all about you, so don't compare yourself to others. 

    We read for many reasons.  Sometimes I read to  learn something new, like last week, when I wanted to know how to make home-made sticky buns.  They were YUMMY!  Sometimes I read to be entertained.  My favorite books always include a little mystery.  

    As you read, try to make a movie in your mind and be sure to question the text to clarify meaning.  I love catching students TALKING TO THEIR TEXT!  They really do talk out loud while reading.  This is awesome and usually tells me that they understand exactly what they read. 

    If you feel like you read and read, but you just can't remember what you read~don't be discouraged.  You may need to find a more quiet area to read so you are not distracted.  I have a hard time reading if the television is on, so when my family turns on the tv, I take my book to a quiet place in the house.  For me, noise when I'm reading is just ANNOYING!  If a quiet place doesn't help you to remember what you've read, try reading outloud to yourself.  Better yet, record your voice using a phone or an iPad, and then play it back.  Try to draw a picture of the character(s), setting, character's goal, blockers in getting the goal, and resolution.  Make reading fun!