• English as a Second Language is a developmental program for non-native speakers of the language. Our program emphasizes the development of English vocabulary and structures in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

    Students in preschool  through eighth grade receive ESL instruction daily . At the elementary school level, students receive a minimum of 30 minutes of ESL instruction daily. Students in sixth through eighth grades receive a minimum of 45 minutes of ESL instruction per day.

    For the most part our ESL program operates as a pull out program with small groups of students drawn from regular classrooms by grade and/or language proficiency.

    At the elementary school level, our ESL program uses the Magnet Center approach with ESL students drawn from all the schools and placed in a magnet center at one of two of our schools, for both ESL and regular program instruction.

    For more information about this program call the program supervisor at 767-6749 ext. 1137