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    • Integrated Pest Management Notice

      The district has in place an Integrated Pest Management Policy and procedures. To see the Voorhees Township Public Schools policy, please click here to read the policy and regulation. The district will only use low impact pesticides (baits, traps, gels, etc.) if at all possible. Some applications include Advance Granular Bait, Maxforce Ant Bait, Maxforce FC Roach Bait, Niban Granulars and Eco Exempt.  If any other application is to be used, students, parents and staff will be notified in writing 72 hours in advance. If such an application is required, the district will make every effort to schedule the application during a period when school is not in session. Each schools IPM plan can be found in each schools main office and is available for public review. Please contact Clark Mathes, the District IPM Coordinator at (856)751-8446, ext. 6123 for further information.

Last Modified on July 10, 2014