Hi,  I'm Mrs. Andrew
    Reading Specialist  at
    Kresson Elementary School
    My journey as a reading specialist began
    as I watched my own children's reading develop
    and as I guided the instruction
     of so many children
    who have passed through my classroom door.
    I was a classroom teacher for 16 years having taught grades 2 through 4 at
    E. T. Hamilton Elementary School, here in Voorhees.
    I became the Reading Specialist at Kresson School in 2005,
    and I am happy to be able to support students and staff across grades K through 5.
    I will always consider myself a teacher,
    and I believe that
    the true gifts of teaching are those experienced in the classroom.
    As a reading specialist, I have the opportunity to work with the entire student body,  and to work closely with parents and staff to develop strategic lessons that enrich the reading curriculum.   I am fortunate enough to work with a professional staff who is always eager to learn the newest literacy trends to add to their repertoire of teaching strategies.  I believe that the key to learning is to find the modality that best fits the learner.  My own children have taught me to look at the individual, not to assume anything, and to be flexible toward change.  We're in this journey together so be sure to communicate often with your child's teacher.
    You can reach my email at andrew@voorhees.k12.nj.us