Fundations provides children of different learning abilities with a systematic foundation for reading and spelling.  It is a multi sensory language program that utilizes tapping, sky writing, letter boards, dry erase boards, hand movements, and specific coding activities to support students in developing a strong phonetic base for decoding unfamiliar words, encoding words, and in reading fluently with prosody and understanding.
    Look below to access FUNDATIONS information to help guide your understanding at home.  Ask your child to teach you.  It's a great way to reinforce the concepts taught in school.
    Each summary includes sample coding.
    Unit Summaries
    Learn the six syllable types:
    Open and Closed Syllables with Chris the Word Wiz  chris word wiz
    Fundations- Closed Syllables           Suffixes
    Fundations- Open Syllables
    Fundations- Vowel- Consonant-Silent e syllables (v-e)
    Fundations- R-control Syllable (Bossy r)
    Fundations- D Syllable -(Double vowel)
    Fundations- le Syllable
    Double vowel syllable or Vowel teams: