• Osage Membership Form

    I am the OPF liaison! Please consider becoming a member of the OPF for this school year. As a parent, this is your opportunity to get involved in your child's school! OPF is a partnership of parents, teachers and administrators working together for the benefit of our children and school. As a member of the OPF, you will have a direct voice in planning activities and fundraisers. Your membership also entitles you to vote in the election of the Executive Board. The OPF will not only keep you updated on the current events in the school, but they put together some amazing things for the kids, staff, and school community.  They cannot keep this group going and providing without help from other parents. So please consider joining. It is only 7$ to be involved, know what's happening in your child's school, and give these students a school year they deserve. Click the link or message me for more details. 

    We will be sending invitations for virtual meetings and paperless newsletters and the only way to receive those is to become a member.  We understand that some families will not be able to pay the $7 membership fee this year, there is no pressure to pay. However, if you are able to, please consider making an additional donation to help families at Osage that are in need.


    I hope to see you at our next meeting!