• 30 Book Challenge

    The students have been challenged to read, log and write summaries (one paragraph summary) for 30 books from various genres throughout the school year.  The students will be given time to accomplish this challenge in class.  The students can log a book even if they decide not to finish the book, but they will only be able to write a summary for a book they completely read. 

    After reading each book, the student will write a paragraph summarizing the book on a 5X8 note card that I will provide. Students may read books from our classroom library, the school library, or wherever they may find books.  We will discuss the book as well as the summary prepared by the student.  


    Here's the challenge.....I want the students to read a variety of genres of books.  


     For every book read and summary written, the student will earn a bead.  After they have earned 30 beads, they will receive a coupon good for one item from our classroom store.