General Information:



    This year our class will have snack before lunch. Parents are encouraged to send in a healthy snack daily. With an early start and a late lunch, a healthy snack will give your child the nutritional boost they need during the day. Please keep in mind that snack time is only 10-15 minutes long. Do not send in anything that contains nuts.  Our classroom is a nut-free classroom.  


    Students WILL be able to get drinks from the water fountain. They will be able to fill their water bottle at the water stations. Please always pack the snack separately from lunchboxes.

    Fifth Grade Supply List
    ✓ 1 pair of earbuds or headphones (wired, no bluetooth)
    ✓ 2 packs of pencils
    ✓ 1 package of glue sticks
    ✓ Trapper Keeper
    ✓ 6 three holed plastic folders with pockets
    ✓ 1 pack of colored pencils
    ✓ 1 pair of scissors
    ✓ 1 protractor
    ✓ 1 pack of crayons
    ✓ 1 small pencil box or zippered pencil case
    ✓ 1 ruler
    ✓ 1 eraser
    ✓ 1 colored pen (red, purple, green, any color)
    ✓ 2 large boxes of tissues
    ✓ 1 container of sanitizing wipes
    ✓ 1 container of liquid hand soap
    ✓ 1 bottle of white glue
    ✓ small dry erase board (should be able to fit inside desk)
    ✓ 4 dry erase markers and eraser
    ✓ 2 highlighters
    ✓ 2 black Sharpie markers
    ✓ 1 five subject notebook with holes
    *If you have not already done so, please send in 2 large boxes of tissues and 1 liquid soap dispenser to be used by the class throughout the year.
    *Please replenish all supplies as needed throughout the year.
    Folder & Daily Papers
    Each student will be provided with a folder that the students will use to bring home any work and notes/letters from school.  This folder will also be used to bring any work and notes/letters back to school from home.  
    Planner/Assignment Book
    The students have their own planners. Homework, important dates, and important information will be written in their planners.  Please check your child's planner every night and initial it when they complete the homework.
    Spelling HW & Tests
    Spelling tests will take place every Friday.  A new spelling list will be sent home every Friday for the next week's test. The spelling homework for the week will also be sent home and will be due back the following Friday, the day of the test.
    Grading System.  
    Our grading system is as follows:

    A =  92- 100
    B =  83- 91
    C = 74- 82
    D = 65-73
    F =  64 and below 
    Classroom School Store
    The students will earn "Ivler" money throughout the school year.  There are many ways to earn "Ivler" money, here are just a few:
    - Coming to school every day prepared and ready to learn
    - Classwork completed and handed in on time
    - Homework completed and handed in on time
    - Completing extra credit assignments
    - Being a good citizen inside and outside the classroom
    *I am very generous with my "Ivler" money, I am always looking for ways to reward the students.  I will NEVER take money away once they have earned it.
    The students will be responsible to keep their money in a safe place.  I do not replenish any lost or misplaced money. 
    At the end of each week, the kids will have an opportunity to spend their money earned!  There will be a wide variety of non-edible items for sale, all ranging in price. Our classroom store will be open every Friday.  The students will get "paid" every Friday as well.  The students may choose to not buy anything that week so they can save up for an item that costs more or they may choose to spend what they have on lower-priced items. 
    If a student is not in school on a Friday, they will get their "paycheck" when they return to school but will have to wait until Friday for the Classroom Store to open.
    Birthday Celebrations
    Unfortunately, for birthday celebrations, we cannot allow parents/guardians to come in and celebrate with us in the classroom.  You may send in a non-food treat for the class, donate a book to our classroom library or donate a game to our classroom to be played during any free time and/or indoor recess.  
    Lunch Money
    All lunch, snacks & school store money MUST be sent in an envelope with your child's full name and "5I" on it. Remember that lunch can also be purchased online.
    Scholastic Book Club
    Each month, we will send an order form to purchase inexpensive children's literature for your child.  This activity is optional.  However, if you choose to participate, please return the order form with a check made out to the book club only.  Please put both items in a sealed envelope with your child's full name and "5I" on the outside of the envelope.
    PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH! In addition, books can also be ordered online. You can sign in or register at: https://clubs.scholastic.com/grade5 and enter our class activation code: RDDW4. Look for details on the order form that will be coming home every month.
    Schedule Changes
    Please call or write a note for all changes in your child's routine/schedule.  I cannot allow your child to change their after-school routine without permission.
    Parent-Teacher Communication
    I feel that open communication between parents and teachers provides the opportunity to work together for your child.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send in a note, email me at ivler@voorhees.k12.nj.us or leave me a message at my school voicemail (856-424-1816 x 72152).