• How to edit and turn in work on Google Classroom

    * I do not receive the work unless you Turn In through Google Classroom!
    1. Open the attached assignment on Google Classroom on the classwork portion of the class
    2. Complete the assignment, preferably on Google Slides or Google Docs by adding a text box where needed
    3. When done, go back into your classwork on Google Classroom
    4. Click on View Assignment under the assignment you are ready to turn in
    5. Click Turn In on the right in the Your Work box - it will now say Turned In and show what you have submitted.  That's it!
    6. If you transferred the document to another platform, such as Word, Pdf or even took a picture of your work, you will need to do an extra step between 4 & 5 - after clicking on View Assignment, you are able to click Add or Create, then navigate to the assignment on your computer and click add.  Then you can go to step 5.

    *** Helpful Hint: Turned In assignments show with a light gray circle under classwork.  If it has a brightly colored circle, you have not turned it in for credit yet!
Last Modified on September 3, 2020