• ~ Frequently Asked Questions ~


    What are the parts of the Enrichment Program (EP)?
    Identified groups in grades 3, 4 and 5 will begin meeting in mid to late September.
    Identified students in grades K-2 will begin in January.
    Special topic groups and Sparks groups are also included in the Enrichment Program.


    How are students identified for the Enrichment Program (EP)?
    Several criteria such as standardized test scores, student profiles, classroom performance, creativity, and teacher recommendations are used to make the annual selections.


    What topics are covered in the Enrichment Program (EP)?
    Third grade topics include Global Issues, Chemistry, and Inventions.
    Fourth and fifth grade topics include Middle Ages, Archaeology, Architecture, Greek Mythology, Shakespeare/Renaissance, and Advertising.


    What is covered in the K-2 program?
    In January, students in grades K-2 may work on logic, patterns, reasoning, memory, creative expression through art and writing, poetry, math problem solving, coding and more.

Last Modified on December 20, 2022