•  Mrs.Trunkwalter in South Korea
       My name is Donna Trunkwalter and this is my 13th year working in the Voorhees School District. I am a dually certified teacher with a specialty in Writing Arts. I believe all students can learn and should learn in the least restrictive environment possible. I think it helps all students when children with special needs are included as much as possible in a general education setting. Some of the most important lessons taught during these times are life lessons like learning to be kind to each other, learning how to get along, and learning how to work together with people who may seem different, but share many similarities. 
    I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters. We all love the outdoors and try to do things together whenever we get the chance. We love camping, kayaking and hiking. Now that our daughters have grown up and moved away, my husband and I get to spend a lot of time between NYC and Washington, D.C..