• Our Daily Schedule


    9:00-9:25       Morning Exercises: Unpack, Lunch Order, Morning Center,

                           Calendar, Weather, Pledge of Allegiance, & Morning Songs

    9:25-11:15     Language Arts: Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Creative

                           Writing, & Guided Reading

    11:20-12:00   Lunch and Recess

    12-12:25        Language Arts Continued & Story Time

    12:25-1:25     Math: Whole Group Instruction, Independence Practice, & Center

    1:25-2:10       Special of the Day: Time varies throughout the week!

    2:10-3:00       Social Studies or Science

    3:00-3:15       Dismissal- Please let me know through email, phone message, or

                           paper note about a change of dismissal prior to 2:30pm. Thank you!