• What will You Need for 1st Grade?
     Here is the 1st Grade list of materials that you will need for this year! 
    1 Box of Crayons
    3 Large Glue Sticks
    1 Pink Pearl Eraser
    1 Box of Pencils
    *1 Pair of Plastic Safety Scissors
    1 Plastic Pencil Box (5"x8"x3")
    1 Marble Hard Cover compostion Book
    1 Large Box Tissues
    1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer (ex. Purell)
    1 Pocket Folder in each of the colors listed:
    1 Box of Small White Envelopes (Girls Only)
    1 Box of Quart Size Ziploc Bags (Boys Only)
    1 Container of Clorox or Lysol Wipes
    1 Tray of Water Color Paints with a Paintbrush
    1 Set of Earphones- Not Earbuds
    *** Please remove all items from packaging and sharpen all pencils. Please label with your child's name all items that are brought to school. ***