• Classroom Apps


    ~ Google Classroom ~
    Weekly Assignments will be posted here
    You will need to sign into your child's Google account to access our Google Meets for live instruction throughout the week
    ~ Clever/iReady ~
    Download both the Clever app AND the iReady app
    Must log in to Clever to access iReady (sounds confusing, we apologize!) 

    Reading and Math lessons specifically targeted for each individual student

    ~ Epic ~
    Online book library of over 20,000 books!
    ur class keeps track of how many books we read throughout
    the year and earn prizes for reaching certain milestones
    ~ Brain Pop Jr. ~
    Cartoons Moby and Annie narrate educational videos for all subject areas

    ~ Pearson Realize ~
    This website aligns with our math curriculum.  Students can watch
    tutorials on each day's math lessons.  We also take practice tests online.

     ~ Raz Kids ~
    Students read books and answer questions about
    what they read for comprehension practice

    ~ DuoLingo ~
    App for learning Spanish. Esta muy bien!

    ~ Code.org ~
    Students learn how to use coding to make
    characters move through a game world

    ~ Spelling City ~
    Activities to practice our weekly spelling words

    ~ Office 365 ~
    We log on to Office 365 using our school IDs and
    passwords to type paragraphs on Microsoft Word

    ~ Google Expeditions ~
    Miss Carfagno navigates through a location around the world on her
    iPad, and the class gets to see a 360' view of that place on their
    iPads!  We can explore mountains, a coral reef, or even our solar system!