• Title I/Basic Skills

    District Program Overview

    2022 - 2023

    What is BSIP?

    • District-wide supplemental instruction program
    • Provides students with reinforcement in the areas of reading, math, and language arts
    • It is not associated with special education


    How is the Program Funded?

    • Local/State Funds – Received Annually
    • Federal Title I Funds Received Annually – through a federal grant prepared by the district


    How are students selected for participation?

    • State and standardized assessment scores are below the minimum levels of proficiency
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Response to Intervention Team recommendation
    • Student was enrolled in a program in another school district
    • Parent request


    What is the format of the program?

    • Small group instruction
    • Meet regularly according to established schedule
    • Ongoing communication between homeroom teacher and BSIP teacher


    How are parents kept informed?

    • BSIP progress reports sent for 2nd and 4th marking periods
    • Progress discussed at conference time