•            Classroom Rules


             We will show RESPECT to others, ourselves, and our classroom by:


      1.  Speaking appropriately


    • Raising our hand to speak
    • Remaining quiet while others are speaking
    • Only speak nicely to/about others
    • Using an inside voice 


    2.   2.  Following directions the first time they are given
    • Sit properly in our chair
    • Keep our hands to ourself 
    • Keep the classroom neat.


                                Always try to smile and have fun




       HomeworkChild completing homework

       Homework is an important part of your child's learning experience.  Homework is meant to reinforce the skills that are learned during the school day, and any support given at home will only increase your child's knowledge.  It is given on a nightly basis and is expected to be handed in on time.  Assignments that are not returned to school on time will have to be completed at another agreed upon time.  
        Test TestsGood job

          Spelling and Grammar tests are given weekly.  Students will be working on the tested skills during the week before the tests on Friday.  Students should be studying their spelling words and the grammar skill throughout the week at home. 

          Notice of Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies tests and quizzes will be given approximately one week in advance.  This should provide the students ample time to review the skills and knowledge learned.

        A weekly test folder will be sent home every Friday.  Please review the tests with your child,  sign the top page of the stapled tests to verify that you have seen the tests, and return the tests and folders by Tuesday.


        We love to celebrate birthdays!   Small, non-food items can be sent in to be handed out at the end of the day.    If you have a birthday during the summer, why  not celebrate your "Half Birthday"  with your classmates! 

        shooting star      Star Student   

         Each student will have an opportunity to shine as our Star Student.  That student will have two weeks to complete a poster about themselves and read a selection from a favorite book.  On Friday the student will present the information from the poster and share their reading and any other things they would like to "Show and Tell."