Welcome to the 2024-2025 school year!  It is an honor and pleasure to serve as principal of Osage Elementary School.  During my time as principal, I have found that the parents and students value education.  We have outstanding teachers and staff members that are passionate about teaching and understand the importance of making positive connections with their students.  I couldn't ask for a better school community than that of Osage.  
    It is important to have open communication in order to provide the best education to your children. Therefore, please feel free to call or email myself or your child's teachers with any questions or concerns. Please look for my weekly newsletters to stay informed about upcoming events and important announcements.  

    This website is just one example of the Voorhees Township School District's commitment to the families of Voorhees.  It is updated regularly by our talented teachers and is intended to provide important information.  It will allow you to gain insight into our many school programs as well as basic information such as the school calendar.   Please refer to this site frequently to answer any questions you may have and to keep up to date about our special events and student achievements.    
    Together, we can ensure a successful year for your children! 
    Robert Cranmer