• Top Ten Reasons To Be A Teacher
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    From the Home Office in Voorhees, New Jersey

    Top 10 Reasons To Be An Elementary School Teacher

    (Contributed by J Hackney....brother of a teacher)


       10 -  You never have to drive in the snow


                     9 -  Six Words winter break, spring break, summer break


                     8 -  You're always the tallest one in the room


                     7 -  Can't remember something ....... make it up


                     6 -  That disgusting feeling of beach sand between your toes

                           for 2 straight months


                    5 -  When you tell the car salesman you can't afford his price

                          he actually believes you!


                    4 -  Captive audience laughs at all of your dumb jokes


                    3 -  The 3 other exciting careers you have just to pay your bills


                    2 -  The kids think you're smarter than Albert Einstein and 

                          prettier than Cindy Crawford.


     And the number one reason to be an elementary

    school teacher


                      1 - Drop that ridiculous decimal and your salary is 7 figures!!!