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        Hello!! I have been teaching Instrumental Music in the Voorhees School District for what will be my 27th year (2023-2024).  Before teaching Instrumental Music,  I taught General Music (like Mr. Blossom/Mrs. Stein) at Kresson School for 2 years.  I now work at Kresson School, Osage School, and Voorhees Middle School.

    I attended Temple University,  where I earned a double degree in Music Education and Jazz Performance in 1995.  In February of 2010, I completed my Masters Degree in Education.  It was at Temple University that I began a career as a professional musician.  I played at several local jazz clubs, theatres, restaurants, hotels, etc., wherever I could,  just to get out and play.  Playing mainly on the drum set,  I decided that music was indeed going to be my career choice for the rest of my life.  At Temple I was selected to be a percussionist for a Classical Compilation CD that was recorded by Sony records- that was a blast! 

    I then joined a local band that was up and coming on the Philadelphia Music Scene,  and ended up staying with that band for over thirteen years.  We recorded 4 studio albums,  played over 800 shows,  and shared stages with Quiet Riot, Vanilla Ice, Local H,  Silvertide, Dishwala, Breaking Benjamin, and Isle of Q,  just to name a few.

    Working for local theatre groups is also an interest of mine.  I was the house drummer for the L'ART theater group,  when it was located in Westmont, NJ,  and also for a time while they were housed at the E-Center (now the BB&T Pavillion Center) in Camden NJ.  I have played for over 80 different Broadway/Off-Broadway Style shows, in various theaters such as the E-center, Westmont Theater,  Arden, Annenberg Center, Upper Darby Performing Arts Center, Pitman Broadway Theater, Burlington County College, Villanova University, Eastern University, Delaware County College, Rowan University, Mum Puppet Theatre, VTC Theatre in Voorhees, and many High Schools across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I was also part of the house band for the Greater Philadelphia Cappie Awards when they were using a live band.

    My latest recording is an album with singer/songwriter from Philadelphia named Matthew Cloran- his album "Made It to Now" came out in October of 2020.  I also recently finished recording the tracks for Matt's follow-up album, which will be out sometime in the near future. 

    An interest of mine is the Zendrum.  This is a "guitar style" drum set,  that is worn like a guitar when you play it,  is completely electronic,  and is completely cool!   To See the Zendrum used as a percussion instrument, check this out:




    To See the Zendrum used in a completely different way, check this out: