• Reading Music!

    Here are a couple of links that take you to games to help you practice reading your letter names on the staff.  Remember treble cleff instruments (flute, clarinet sax, trumpet):
    Lines are, from the bottom: Every- Good- Boy- Does- Fine     Spaces, from the bottom, spell F-A-C-E.
    Bass Cleff (trombones) from the bottom: Good- Boys- Do- Fine- Always  Spaces, from the bottom, All Cows Eat Grass
    Reading music can be a simple and fun way to make learning to play an instrument musch easier.  Most beginning students only need to know how to read a few musical letters, so why not get good at them so reading music becomes easy! (there are only 7 letters in the musical alphabet!!)
    I GUARANTEE you that if you do these exercises a few times a week, for 3 weeks, you will be able to read music better than ever! It's a Guarantee!!
    • Click the "gear wheel" 
    • Choose Treble Cleff (bass cleff for trombones)
    • Drag your note range up or down to fit your instrument (Or just use the whole staff -  bottom line "E", to top line "F" 
    • Make sure "Key Signatures is just on "1"
    • Uncheck any toggle switches
    • Set "next question" to "Immediately" 
    • Set challenge mode to 1 or 2 minutes-  see how many you can get correct!