My Mission Statement


    My philosophy as a teacher is one must be patient, compassionate, and bring awareness to those around them; everyone benefits when we learn from and support one another.  As an educator I know every student is unique, has value as a human being and has the ability to learn.  My job as a teacher is to educate students through exceptional learning experiences and prepare students to become confident, proficient life-long learners and problem solvers by providing learning experiences which encourages the intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth necessary to become responsible, productive members of a culturally and economically diverse society.  I understand how the differences and similarities in human development and characteristics between and among individuals with and without exceptional conditions have learning needs.  Understanding and accepting experiences of those who have exceptional learning needs can impact families, as well as the individuals ability to learn, interact socially, and live as a fulfilled member of their community. 


    We as teachers have to remember teaching is not just a job, it is a gift.  We have to know the needs of our students, understand, and appreciate to help them learn the best way they can.  Being a positive role model can help make our youth today become our future of tomorrow.   As a teacher, one must remember that every student is different and unique in their own special way and what you do as a teacher can affect a child for the rest of their life.
    Mrs. Farrell
    Special Education Teacher