• Mathematics 
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     Math Topics for First Grade 
    Topic 1                     Understanding Addition
    Topic 2                     Understanding Subtraction
    Topic 3                     Five and Ten Relationships
    Topic 4                     Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12
    Topic 5                     Addition Facts to 20
    Topic 6                     Subtraction Facts to 20
    Topic 7                     Counting and Number Patterns to 120
    Topic 8                     Tens and Ones
    Topic 9                     Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100
    Topic 10                   Adding with Tens and Ones
    Topic 11                   Subtracting with Tens and Ones
    Topic 12                   Length
    Topic 13                   Time 
    Topic 14                   Using Data to Answer Questions
    Topic 15                   Geometry
    Topic 16                   Fractions of Shapes