•    Homework Policy              hh
     Homework is a REQUIREMENT! I usually assign Math Mon.-Thurs and there may also be Grammar and/or Reading assignments as well.  PLEASE CONTACT ME if your child is having difficulty completing these assignments.  Your child should also LET ME KNOW if they are struggling.
    Homework is assigned to review skills and concepts that have been taught in class. It is NOT intended to be busy work or torturous for your child (or you)! I make every effort to try and minimize homework so that the student has time for other important activities. Sports, clubs, religious commitments and time spent with family and friends are vital to a child's growth and development. Most nights, I will assign math practice. Depending upon your child's spelling skills, he or she should be practicing in preparation for Friday's spelling test too.  Of course, reading every day is a must. Ten to fifteen minutes for reluctant readers is fine.
    The homework I assign is expected to be turned in on time (usually next school day).  The student earns a 100% if an assignment is turned in on time and demonstrates a good effort. The 100% does not necessarily mean all answers were correct. Ten points are deducted for each day an assignment/project is late.  
     If for some reason your child is having trouble or is taking longer than reasonable (consistently more than 30-45 minutes per day), it is important that you notify me.  If your child is ill or a situation arises that interferes with completing homework, please jot a note or call so that I do not penalize your child.  Although you should not sit with your fourth grader while he/she works, it may be necessary for you to get him/her started and it is important that you spot check the work when it is finished. The time spent doing homework independently will be reflected in  your child's increased confidence.   Thank you for your support!