1. Immunizations
                        2. Physical
     All students, prior to entering Kindergarten, must have the 
                  following immunizations & physical exam:


    Four doses, the last dose being administered on or after your child's fourth birthday, OR any five doses.


    Three doses, the last dose being administered on or after your child's fourth birthday, OR any four doses.


    One dose of MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) on or after your child's first birthday.


    A second dose of a Measles-containing vaccine (example; MMR, MR, or Measles only) with a time span of at least one month from the date of the first MMR, OR documentation of Measles immunity.

    Hepatitis B



    This applies to children born after January 1, 1996 and entering Kindergarten. If your child has not already completed the Hepatitis B series, the series of three injections must be started prior to entering Kindergarten and completed during the Kindergarten school year.

     One dose given on or after the first birthday.

    Physical Exam  

    A current physical exam given by your child's physician is to be completed prior to entering Kindergarten. This should include both vision and hearing testing.

    Children without the required immunizations and/or physical examination will NOT be permitted to
    remain in school beyond a thirty day grace period.  Proof of your child's immunizations must be
    recorded on the papers given to you at kindergarten registration and stamped and signed by your
    child's physician. You may download and print the Physical Exam Form (Elementary) by
    clicking on the link below.
    Physical Exam Form
    Your child's physician may also fax your child's physical exam and/or immunization record to:  856-424-9076 - attn: Dorrie Uscinowicz, School Nurse

    Please call: 424-1816 ext. 2161 if you have any questions or concerns.