• Weekly Snapshot

    The students will explore Big Book Story Mice Squeak, We Speak to discuss the Essential Question How do animals/people communicate?
    • Comprehension:
      • Target Skill: Understanding Strategy
      • Target Strategy: Analyze and Evaluate
      • Vocabulary Strategy: Classify and Categorize
    • Grammar: Sensory Words  
    Letter Identification/Handwriting:
    Letter Sounds: Tt  top  /t/
    Short Vowel Sounds:  
    Consonant Blends:
    Sight Words
    I   am   like   the   little   and   a   look   see   we   my   by
    Topic 6: Understanding Addition
    Science & Social Studies
    The students will...
    Practice Reminders
    Please have your child practice writing his/her's first name (first letter Capital, all the rest are lower case).
    Please practice counting, reading, and writing numbers 0 to 10.
    Mark Your Calendars
    11/29 Early Dismissal - Conferences  
    11/30 Early Dismissal - Conferences  
    12/1 School Closed - Conferences
    Important Reminders 
    Please bring your library book back to school on Tuesdays.