Mrs. Boyle

Mrs. Boyle - School Guidance Counselor

  • Thank you for visiting my page. I know this is an unprecedented time and we are all dealing with a number of challenges and stressors as we attempt to reacclimate to in-person learning. Please know that I am here as a source of support to assist you and your family in any way I can. Reach out to me anytime: 856-424-1816 x 2128 or


     A few things to keep in mind

     - You are not in this alone. Your Kresson family is here for you and we will get through this together. 

    - Anything you or your family members are feeling is OKAY! 

    - Challenges are opportunities for growth and they develop skills such as: flexiblity, optimism, patience, kindness, compassion for others,  out of the box thinking, and resilience to name a few :)

    - During times of increased stress it is more important than ever to practice increased self care through things such as: healthy diet, exercise, meditation, relaxation, deep breathing, netflix binging, time with friends, and participating in activities that bring you joy! 

    - We can do hard things! We've got this! This too shall pass!