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    Welcome and thank you for visiting Mrs. Zelenski's class website.  I am Mrs. Zelenski, but most people call me Mrs. Z. for short.  I have been very happily teaching for 30 years. If you count student teaching, I have been at Kresson for a whopping 31 years! I have taught second, third, fourth, and fifth grade. Guess what my favorite grade is to teach?  Fourth grade!! Fourth grade is hard work, but we accomplish our work in a fun and interesting way.  In no time at all, you, your classmates, and I will be like a second family to one another.  In my opinion, with teamwork anything can be done. I am very excited to begin a new year, and I hope you are too!! 
    Mrs. Leigh Zelenski
    Kresson School
    Voorhees, NJ  08043
    856-424-1816,  ext. 72108