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    How to Make Sun Prints

    How to Make a Lava Lamp

    Create Art from Natural Objects

    Make Garden Rocks



    - Create a chalk obstacle course with items from your yard

    - Find a family member and at least 2 hula hoops. You can have a hula hoop race!  Turn the hula hoops on their sides and roll them away to see who gets to a special spot first or which one rolls the farthest.

    - Create an outdoor scavenger hunt for a family member or have them create one for you!

    - Draw with sidewalk chalk.

    - Have a family meal outside.  *Bonus: Help prepare the meal or make special place cards for each person in your family.

    - Create constellations out of rocks you find outside.  Connect the rocks with sidewalk chalk.

    - Find shapes in the clouds.



    - Build a card tower.

    - Create you own card game. Don't forget to write down the rules!

    - Freeze dance. Spice things up and have someone yell out a pose to freeze in - animals, shapes, letters, or yoga poses!

    - Create skit bags!  Put a few random objects in different bags.  Create a skit using all the props.  This is a great activity for the whole family.  You could record it so you can watch it later!

    - Treasure Hunt!  Create a treasure hunt for your parents or siblings, or have them create one for you also.  They can write clues on different cards and hide them around the house (or even outside) and you have to follow each clue to the next to finally get to the treasure!