• Dear Parents,

    Please note homework policy when a child is absent.

    If a child is absent one or two days, homework will be given to the child upon their return to school.  Work assigned when the student returns should be completed in the number of days equal to the days absent from school.

    If a child is absent three days or more, the parent should contact the school before 10:00 am on the third day to request work.  Please let the secretaries know who will be picking up the homework.  The office will have the homework available for pick up after 3:10.  It is not possible to interrupt classes and ask teachers to prepare materials to be sent home at any other time.

    If a student is absent for two weeks or longer, the parent should contact the school for information about home tutoring.

    If a student is not going to be in school due to a vacation the board policy is as follow:

    When requested, teachers will provide parents with information in regards to anticipated instructional assignments that could be covered in the class during the planned vacation period.

    In addition, when requested, teachers will provide workbook pages, study sheets, etc. upon the student's return to school

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    Mr. Andrew Moskowitz