• Fundations

    "Research indicates that systematic and explicit phonics instruction is effective for all children. Fundations provides a systematic and explicit approach to reading and spelling with phonics. We will combine this instruction with the reading of good literature, which is just as important for your child's development." 

    Fundations is systematic because it follows a very definite sequence for teaching and it follows a very definite procedure to teach those concepts. 

    Fundations is explicit because this program does not leave room for guessing. It teaches all concepts directly. The children will review letters and how to form these letters. They will learn sounds using keywords to help them remember. They will soon move on to blend the sounds into words. 

    As the year progresses, Fundations introduces many aspects of word structure and sentence structure. I shall be sending home guides and activites for all of this. 

    What can I do at home with my child?

    1. Read the Fundations letters that I send home. These letters will contain updates, program information, and activity suggestions.

    2. Set aside time to do "home activites" with your child.

    3. Monitor your child's progress and share successes as well as concerns with me.

    Level 1 Orientation 

    Unit 1- Level 1