• Listed below are some fun hand strengthening activities to help your child improve their hand writing skills at home!

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    1) Paper Crumpling     Related image

    • Have your child crumple up sheets of newspaper or scrap paper into the smallest, tightest ball they can imagine!
    • When your child begins to gain confidence with this activity, encourage them to use their dominant hand (the hand they write with)

    2) Squeezing Sponges   Image result for sponge

    • This is a fun bath- time activity!
    • Buy a basic cleaning sponge from the dollar store. During bath time, encourage your child to squeeze out all the water in the sponge!
    • You could even encourage your child to help wash the dishes with you! Using the sponge to squeeze out soapy water 

    3) Water Spray Bottle

    • Buy a water spray bottle
    • This activity really strengthens your child’s hand muscles. They will want to use two hands but encourage them to use one!
    • You can have your child water the plants, spray on an outside wall, or bring the spray bottle in the bath tub for some bath time fun!

    4) Side Walk Chalk   

    • All children enjoy sidewalk chalk
    • When your child is writing with the chalk encourage them to hold the chalk in the correct pencil grip rather than a “fist grip”
    • Have your child use a water spray bottle to make their sidewalk chalk disappear. 

    5) Scissor Cutting 

    • Have your child practice cutting straight lines!
    • Use kid scissors!

    6) Playdoh  Related image

    • All kids love playdoh and it is a great hand-strengthening activity!
    • Encourage them to squish, squash, and pound the playdoh.
    • Encourage them to roll small balls.
    • Have them roll out the playdoh to make a “snake” or “hot dog” and use kid scissors to cut tiny pieces.