Frequently Asked Questions....

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    What is the homework policy for fifth grade?


    Homework is an essential part of the 5th grade curriculum because it is a way of reinforcing what was taught throughout the school day.  Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday (with the exception of long-term assignments).  Homework should take no longer than an hour.  Part of the homework period should be dedicated to reviewing basic math facts, studying/reviewing spelling words, and test preparation.  If your child is taking a lot longer than an hour to complete the given assignments, please contact me immediately, so we can evaluate the problem. Additionally, I understand that some nights are busier than others. If your family runs into one of those nights, please send me a quick email so I know!

    • Homework is 10% of the marking period grade.
    • Each day the students are responsible to copy their homework into their planners.  
    • If you have a question about homework you may write a note in the planner for your child to show me or send me an email.



    Can my child celebrate his/her birthday at school?


    Birthdays are a cause for celebration!  Your child is special and we want to make his/her birthday the best that it can be! However, due to current restrictions, we are not able to have birthday TREATS! We will still celebrate them:)


    What does my child need for school?


    Please visit the School Supplies list. 


    How will I know my child's progress?

    I firmly believe that an open line of communication between parents and myself is key to your child's success.  You may contact me at any time to discuss your child's progress.  I can be reached by e-mail at Rodrigueza@Voorhees.K12.NJ.US or at 856-767-4888 ext. 73130  Also, I will contact you immediately if I feel there is a need for concern in between report cards and conferences.


    When will I receive my child's graded tests/quizzes?


    The majority of tests and classwork/homework grades will be found online this year through Google Classroom. This includes any graded assignments taken while in the classroom.  If there are graded assignments using paper/pencil they will be returned in your child's Take-Home Folder. Please review the assignments with your child.  The tests/graded assignments that are required to be returned will be marked with a SIGN AND RETURN stamp.

    If you have any questions or concerns about a grade please contact me by e-mail, phone, or send a note in with your child and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 



    I need to change my child's dismissal for the day, what should I do?


    If you know ahead of time, please write a note and let me know how your child will be going home. 

    If you need to change your child's dismissal anytime throughout the day you must notify the main office. They will then alert me.


    I need to inform the school that my child is sick and will not be attending, what should I do?


    Please call the school nurse and report your child absent.  You may leave a message on her voice mail. You can also send me an email or message through Remind before 9:00am and I will notify the nurse and main office. Please see the nurse's website for information regarding COVID and protocols for absences. 

    Mrs. Karbach's Website

    I can catch your child up on their work when they return to school unless you ask me otherwise and there is something they can complete while they are home.




    My child has been absent from school for an extended period of time.  How can I receive the work that he/she missed?


    I will save the missed work and will send it home with your child upon his/her return.  Please complete the missed work over the next few evenings.  You may also view what we have been working on and what the homework is by checking our class website and Google Classroom.  Please complete the missed work over the next few evenings.  The school policy is that your child has as many days to complete the missed work as they were absent.

    If your child has been out of school for 3 or more days and you would like to pick up work before your child returns to school, please leave a message on my voicemail or e-mail me and I will return your call/e-mail as soon as possible letting you know when the work will be in the office for you to pick up.  This allows time for me to prepare the missed work, so you are not waiting in the office.  If you would like the work sent home with another child, contact me by e-mail or phone and let me know who will be picking up their work or who to send it home with.



    What if my child will be out of school because of a family trip/vacation?


    Please let me know, as soon as possible, the dates your child will be out of school so that I can prepare the work he/she will be missing.




    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions!

    Email is the best form of communication, because I receive it consistently throughout the day. 


    (856) 767-4888 ext. 73130