• Parent Information Center


    I believe that communication is the key to a great parent-teacher relationship.  Please use this website to familiarize yourself with our schedule, homework assignments, curriculum, and quiz and test information.
    Teacher Contact Information

    I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. I can be contacted a number of ways:

    • You may call the school at 767-6749 and leave a message on extension 71115
    • You may use your child's planner
    • You can write a note
    • Don't forget:  You can always E-mail me from the Welcome Page (eskenas@voorhees.k12.nj.us)

    Homework Policy

    Homework is an essential part of the 5th grade curriculum because it is a way of reinforcing what was taught throughout the school day. Homework is assigned Monday -Thursday and should take an hour or less.  This does not include long-term assignments/projects or studying for tests and quizzes.  If your child is taking a lot longer than this to complete the assignments, please contact me immediately, so we can evaluate the problem.

    • Tests and quiz dates are always given between 2 - 5 days in advance and should be in your child's planner. 
    • Studying for tests and quizzes is considered homework. Reviewing classwork on a daily basis will make studying for tests and quizzes much easier.
    • Planners should be reviewed daily with your child.  This will ensure that your child completes all of his/her homework.
    • If your child is home sick, work will be sent home upon their return and they will be told when it is due. 
    • All missed tests due to illness will be taken when your child and I feel they are ready.


    Test Folder Information

    Test Folders will be sent home every Friday.  In the folder, you will find all tests and quizzes
    • The sign off sheet MUST be SIGNED AND RETURNED on Monday.  It is very important that I get all items back and the sign-off sheet is signed.  These will become useful during conference time, should we need to reference back to a previous test.

    Birthday Treats

    Birthdays are a cause for celebration! Your child is special and we want to make his/her birthday the best that it can be!  There are a few things I ask that you keep in mind when sending in a birthday treat for your child:


    • We have 16 students and 1 teacher in the class
    • Please keep it simple... no candles, decorations, etc. We do not have a lot of time to spend on this and it is not a birthday party!


    • We usually celebrate after lunch-recess.
    • Please make sure your treat is pre-cut and ready to serve