Mrs. Principe - Health Classes at Kresson

    I am so happy to be at Kresson School this year.   I have taught Health Education in all the Voorhees Elementary schools.   I am so glad to be at Kresson School.  The children are wonderful and
    are very enthusiastic learners.

    In Health Education we focus on the children themselves.    We learn about keeping ourselves safe, eating the right foods, learning about our bodies and and making good choices just to name a few of our topics.

    I teach all the grade levels 1 - 5 at Kresson.     When I am not at Kresson School I am also at E.T. Hamilton and Signal Hill Schools as well.    I love teaching health and working with the students.

    We do projects, read books, use the smart board and have a really good health text we use in our classes.    I like to engage the students in the lessons.   Those students who know me, know that I like to have fun in class and use humor and memory clues when I teach the students.