• School/ Home Factors Relates to Reading Performance
    (National Assessment of Educational Progress-NAEP)
    The Best Readers:
    • Read 11 or more pages a day
    • Do homework an hour or half-hour a day
    • Watch less than an hour of TV a day
    • Write long answers to questions or assignments at least once a month
    • Read for fun everyday
    • Talk about their reading with family or friends at least monthly
    • Have four types of reading material in their homes (newspapers, magazines, books, and encyclopedias)
    Essentials For Parents in helping Their Children to love to Read
    • Read to your child from the time they are tiny (everyday)
    • Talk about what you have read to them
    • Play alphabet/word games with your child
    • Point out all writing that surrounds them:  billboards, road signs, grocery items, etc.
    • Read in front of your children
    • Make books and magazines readily available
    • Encourage your child to write
    • Limit TV time
    • Talk, Talk, Talk
    • Read, Read, Read