• Frequently Asked Questions 
    How can I contact the teacher?
    The best way to contact me during school hours is via email (samartino@voorhees.k12.nj.us). You can also call my phone (x 71218) and leave a message, call the office, or send in a note with your child.
    Please note that I cannot always immediately respond to emails or phone calls during the school day. If there is an emergency or you need to contact me urgently, please call the main office. 
    What do I do if my child is going home a different way?
    If your child has a change in his or her normal dismissal (for example the child is normally a bus rider but will be going to car line one day) please contact me (email is best) or the main office prior to the end of the day. If you email me with a dismissal change and I have not responded with a confirmation by 1:00, assume I am absent or did not receive the message and call the main office. 
    Do we have snack in 4th grade?
    Yes!  This year, we will be having two snacks.  Our first snack will be after special around 10:20.  Our second snack will be at what would be our fourth grade lunch time, which is 12:00.  You may send as much or as little food as your child requires.  I do ask that you send foods that your child will be able to eat while working, especially for the second snack time.  Please send foods that are easy to eat and don't require utensils.  In addition, Ms. Phillip has requested that ALL FOODS be nut free, as we will all be eating in the classroom.
    Can I send in a treat for my child's birthday?
    Unfortunately, this year we will not be able to celebrate student birthdays with treats.  But don't worry, we will find ways to have fun that don't involve food!
    What is the policy for homework?
    Homework is a required part of the 4th grade curriculum. The homework assigned will reinforce skills taught in class. The suggested amount of time it should take your child to complete his or her homework is around 45 minutes per night. If your child is spending more than 45 minutes on homework on a consistent basis, please contact me so that we can discuss the issue.
    When will I receive my child's tests and quizzes?
    Tests and quizzes will be given online whenever possible.  You will be able to log in to your child's accounts to see their grades.  I will also be communicating their grades with you.