• All children can feel like confident readers! 
    All they need is a little praise and some special little tricks to
     make them feel comfortable with the text.
    1. Echo reading:  Read a sentence to your child, then have them repeat the sentence back.  They should track the print with thier finger in order to improve word recognition. 
    2. Choral reading: Read the page along with your child.  They will rely on your voice to carry them through the page, and they will feel comfortable knowing that you are there to read the unfamiliar words.
    3. Repeated readings:  Children love to listen to stories over and over again!  Find those favorites and encourage your child to read along too! 
    Lastly, tap into your child's interests.  Make trips to the library or bookstore together.   Have your child assist you with the directions needed to assemble a new toy, or the directions to a new video game.  Even the comics in the Sunday paper are exciting for children.  This is all reading!! 

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    This is a fabulous website!  Children can hear stories read aloud by famous actors.