• Frequently Asked
    What are the parts of the E.T. Hamilton School Enrichment Program?
    Identified groups in grades 3, 4, 5 begin meeting in mid-September.
    Identified students in grades K - 2 will begin instruction in January.
    Students are also enriched in Math and Writing Sparks.
    How are students identified for EP?
    Several criteria such as standardized test scores, student profiles, classroom performance, creativity, and teacher recommendations are used to make the annual selection.
    What topics will be covered this year?
    The main topics for third grade will be: Inventions, Chemistry, and Global Issues.
    The main topics for fourth and fifth grades will be:  Middle Ages, Archaeology, Architecture, Greek Mythology, Shakespeare, and Advertising.
    What will be covered in the K-2 program?
    In January, identified students in K-2 will be enriched in logic, patterns, reasoning, memory, math problem solving and coding. Creative expression will be expressed through art, writing, and poetry.
    What kinds of special topic activities/groups might occur during the school year?
    Math 24 Challenge Tournament, Steamfest, and Convocation 
    How can an adult help in the classroom?
    One way you can help is by volunteering to be a speaker on our current topic.  You can also volunteer to help at our special events.  An important way to help is by being involved in your child's education each day.  Ask questions, don't be satisfied with the answer, "Nothing."  Ask your child to summarize the story in reading.  Discuss the topic we're studying.  Have your child dazzle you with some mental math problems you solve together.  Let your child explain the steps of the latest science experiment, and ask what he/she learned from it.  Read a great book together.  Family time is precious and limited.  Make it count!
    What is the best way for us to communicate?
    At the beginning of each year, a list of family e-mail addresses is established.  Announcements of important events and other important information will be sent home with your child. 
    Whenever you need to reach me, use my email address on my webpage, or call 767- 4888  Ext. 3131.  I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.  If you have information that your child really needs before the end of the day, go through the office secretary.
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