• Meet the R.T.I. Team
    The New Jersey State Board of Education has established that the primary mission of schools is to enhance student achievement of high academic standards in safe learning environments. The effectiveness of public education in fulfilling this mission depends largely upon the capacity of school systems to respond to the diverse educational needs of students. In response, Hamilton School has established a team of professionals that will provide leadership for a school-wide program of intervention and referral services. We call this program R.T.I. and we invite you to explore this website to learn about the procedures and format of the program.
    Marlene Cosenza, Reading Specialist
    Ali Ferrell, Teacher, Grade 4
    Jenine Gossin, Teacher BSIP
    Marlo Hesson, Teacher Grade 1
    Andy Moskowitz, Principal
    Derek Myers, School Counselor
    Erin Toye, Speech Therapist
    Donna Ross, CST Case Manager