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    Hello students and parents.  We will be working with the Journeys reading program again this year.  Each lesson we will focus on a story and comprehension skill.  We will be working on a 6-day cycle for most lessons.
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    User Name: student ID number (it should begin with 224)
    Password: your child's date of birth followed by vt (ie: xx/xx/2008vt)
    Please note the password IS case sensitive!
    Reading Strategies
    • Use context clues
    • Look for something you know ("chunks" like ch, sh, th, or small words)
    • Use picture clues
    • Reread the word
    • Skip a word, read on, and then go back
    • Ask yourself "Does it make sense?"
    • make connections (text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world)
    • do a retelling
    • use visualization
    • make predictions and inferences
    • read to make it sound like talking
    • pay attention to punctuation
    • read to show emotions (for example, if a word is in all CAPITALS, it should be read with feeling!)