• R.T.I. (Response to Intervention Team), is Hamilton School's committee of teachers, counselors, and administrators whose role it is to support and aid members of our school community in the resolution of school-based problems and or difficulties.
     How R.T.I. Works:

    When a staff member feels that a student is encountering difficulty at school and after having tried several interventions to assist the child , he or she will seek the help of R.T.I. Before referring the student to R.T.I., the teacher will inform the child's parent.

    The teacher and student will be assigned a case coordinator, a member of R.T.I., who will gather information regarding the case from all pertinent individuals, i.e. the classroom teacher, guidance counselor, subject specialists, school nurse, aides, as well as the parent and student.

    It is to be the job of the case coordinator to present the issues to the full R.T.I. committee. From the data gathered, the team works collaboratively following a predetermined meeting format to generate an action plan that addresses the initial difficulty and provides the teacher with additional interventions to use with the student.

    The Basis for R.T.I.

    The use of R.T.I. teams in our schools is mandated by the State of New Jersey and is otherwise referred to as Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS).

    Referral to R.T.I is not to be considered as a first step to Child Study Team evaluation. Quite the opposite, it is designed to serve our students and teachers in-house.

    Cooperation among all of the members of our school community is necessary for this valuable asset to be successful. Working together as parents and educators, we can help our students flourish in a caring and supportive learning environment.